Fitness Yoga

Fitness Yoga

Fitness Yoga
  • Yoga for Booty & Core

    Booty and Core yoga is exactly that... this class targets areas we find most challenging to work. I've made this practice fun and beneficial so you may trim inches and build strength. Enjoy!

  • Yoga For Weight Loss

    Yoga for weight loss will help trim and lose those extra pounds you are trying to work off. You'll be abler to tone, feel energized, improve your cardio vascular and feel great!

  • Yoga For Back Pain

    Anyone who experiences back pain will benefit from this practice. Often our back are tight from sitting, standing or being stagnant for to long. Releasing the hamstrings and strengthening the core will be helpful in relieving back pain. Enjoy!

  • Deep Stretch for Flexibility

  • Deep Stretch and Twists

  • Yoga at the Wall

    Yoga at the Wall incorporates yoga postures utilizing the wall. The wall is an awesome prop that you can find anywhere. This class will help build strength, improve flexibility, and open tight bound areas in the body. Enjoy!

  • Crow Pose

    Crow Pose is an arm balance. If you are new to this posture all the more reason to get working on this pose. I've provided step by step instruction to help you build strength in your core, upper body and help build your confidence. Revisit this video to help you improve this posture. Enjoy!

  • Yoga With A Twist

    Yoga with a twist assists with helping the spine become more supple. Twisting is also so good for detoxing your internal organs. Plus, you can get the opportunity to find more awareness in your spine and abdominals. Enjoy!

  • Boost Your Confidence

  • Balanced Body Yoga